Allie Nixon

Release Date: February 25, 2013

Allie is very devoted to her music, faith, and friends and family.  Music has always been a part of her life, and her parents have always pushed her to pursue music and to work hard.  Learning new instruments became a passion at a young age for Allie and piano became her all-time favorite.  Allie has been involved in musical theater for eight years.  Although musical theater and instruments have fueled her passion for singing, worship has been her greatest inspiration.  Allie is very involved in her church and loves singing and playing instruments on the worship team.  She also enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures, and has had the opportunity to visit Thailand, Burma, Singapore, and Mexico with her church.  Allie is currently enrolled in a history of rock and roll class at school where she has found inspiration to find her own musical style. This fall, she plans on attending a four-year university and working towards a BA in music therapy.  Last year, she had the privilege to be an alternate for Teen Star and couldn’t be more thankful to be a finalist this year!  Allie wishes to thank all of the sponsors and those who make Teen Star possible.

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