Gabe Reali

Release Date: February 25, 2013

Music is something that Gabe has grown up with all his life, as it runs in his family.  Gabe started singing at the age of three, and spent most of his early years studying singing, dancing, and acting at the Adderly School.  Some of his favorite performances have included Damn Yankees and West Side Story.  Gabe is honored to have sung back up for music moguls such as David Foster, Lionel Richie, and Olivia Newton-John, and he hopes to also be successful as a solo artist in the future.  Currently a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School, Gabe is proud to be a part of the Multi-Media Arts and Design Academy, and to perform in this year’s student directed production of Music of the Night.  Gabe already has his sights set on UCLA for college because it’s relatively close to home with so many options.  There, he can continue his studies as well as expand his career in music.  Gabe is very active, playing volleyball at school, and water skiing, snow skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, and mountain biking when vacationing in his favorite spots: Lake Nacimiento and Mammoth.  Gabe is very excited and thankful to have the amazing opportunity to participate in this year’s Teen Star singing competition.


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