Justice Sweeney

Release Date: February 25, 2013

Music has, in some ways, become Justice’s life - something she lives and breathes.  It started with her prancing up and down her backyard singing along to the latest music hits.  Her dream of pursuing music became real when she started trying out for talent shows and recitals provided by her vocal coach.  Her passion of writing helped her transition into writing lyrics for songs.  Justice’s goal is to attend the Academy of Art University and help others through music and art.  Justice is also interested in sports, art, photography and acting, but music has always been at the top of her list. Through all of life's challenges and opportunities, creating music is her goal and she intends on sharing her passion with the world.  Justice decided a long time ago that she would be the change she feels the world wants to see.  She believes she may be a “diamond in the rough,” and feels that if she can make it this far, she can inspire others to make it far also.  She feels blessed for this opportunity and would like to thank everyone who made this possible for her, especially her parents, who have been her #1 fans.

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