Kendall Kincaid

Release Date: February 25, 2013

Kendall is in her senior year and there is no doubt that she loves performing.  She has had a passion for performing arts ever since she was little.  Her first play was in the third grade and she has been in nineteen productions since.  Theater has taught her how to be outgoing, confident, imaginative, and how to pursue what she loves.  Musical theater and choir opened the door for her love of singing.  She learned how to play the piano and guitar her freshman year of high school, which gave her a stronger love for music and for performing musically. Kendall’s goal with Teen Star is to enjoy the experience of doing what she loves and to encourage others to pursue their passions even if everything seems to be against the odds. Theater, music, and singing have taught her so many things and she would love to teach others the joys of the performing arts.  No matter how far she goes in the performing arts industry, she can count herself blessed through the many opportunities she has been had.  Kendall is so thankful for Teen Star and will always be grateful for the encouragement and confidence this experience has given her.

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