Madeleine Meyer

Release Date: February 25, 2013

Madeleine jokes that although she may be lacking in the height department, people are often surprised by the amount of noise she can make.  For twelve years, Madeleine has sung in various choirs and has enjoyed opportunities to perform with SB Children’s Chorus, Opera Santa Barbara, Providence Hall (where she is currently a sophomore), and Ensemble Theatre.  Her honors choir performed in both Nevada and Hawaii.   At the beginning of her freshman year, she began piano lessons.  She loves to practice, often waking her family before the sun rises playing Phantom, and, later, sending them off to bed with Adele or an original piece.  Madeleine enjoys hobbies such as slacklining and rock climbing with her friends, but music remains her favorite pastime.  She loves sharing music with others, and also finds clarity when she faces struggles and beauty when life gets hard.  She is grateful for this God-given gift and plans to make a future out of it.  Madeleine is currently pursuing a career with her duet partner, Erik Ireland Olsen, and writing, recording, and producing music. Whether Madeleine’s path takes her directly to the music industry or to college to study music first, she is ready, willing, and looking forward.

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