Nathaniel Neumann

Release Date: February 25, 2013

Being chosen as a finalist has been a blessing for Nathaniel, as it has given him the opportunity to pursue his dream of becoming a singer.  From singing along with the car radio at the age of four, he moved on to musical theater training with Janet and Alana Adderley.  He then landed leading roles in shows such as High School Musical and West Side Story, and was given a professional opportunity to sing backup for Kenny Loggins’ Disney album, “All Join In.” Currently a member of the Advanced Madrigals 2 Choir, Nathaniel is hoping to bring awareness to the local community to help save this program which could be affected by budget cuts. He wants the same musical programs to be available for other kids in the future, including his younger sister. Outside of singing, he enjoys playing sports such as basketball and track and field, and enjoys video games and spending time with friends and family.  He hopes to attend college and major in both music and criminal justice. Nathaniel would to thank Teen Star for taking a chance on him and letting him express himself through song.

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