Xeni Tziouvaras

Release Date: February 25, 2013

Though she abhorred being on stage until fifth or sixth grade, Xeni was not unaccustomed to performing.  Xeni has been taking piano lessons since she was six years old, and has performed in about a dozen recitals and competitions a year since then.  From those lessons, she discovered her intrinsic love and talent for music, and developed a great appreciation for the classical genre.  In recent years, Xeni has been taking voice lessons at the Music Academy of the West, performing in Hahn Hall last summer.  She has also been an avid musical theater performer since junior high, performing in over a dozen shows and usually cast in leading roles.  Performing is what truly makes Xeni happy despite all the rejections, harsh directors’ comments, wrong notes and sore throats.  Her dream is to perform on a Broadway stage or the Met, but her ultimate goal is to keep performing and singing throughout her entire life.  Outside of the performing arts, Xeni is a high-achieving student, always eager to listen and learn.  Although she wants to be an actor and singer in the future, she believing intelligence is invaluable to those desiring success in the performing arts.  In her leisure time, Xeni loves to shop; clothing and accessories are her obsession.  Xeni also loves to travel.  Near the top of her bucket list, right next to skydiving, is visiting all seven continents. Xeni feels her main ambition in life is much more than performing on a famous stage; she really just wants to make people feel something. Each time Xeni performs, the biggest thing on her mind is to inspire and move an audience on a level that feels emotionally profound.

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